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ZYSE.me™ is an AI technology platform that empowers fashion brands to sell and produce custom-sized clothing on demand. Together with innovative brands and manufacturers we are reinventing the fashion value chain. Our solution reduces costs and waste, while increasing customer satisfaction, leading the path to a sustainable future of fashion. We offer a complete solution for fully personalized fashion – from design to size.


ZYSE.me Prediction

Our AI predicts individual sizes based on a quick questionnaire – taken online or in-store


Product Customization

The Zyse.me Customizer lets your consumers design products on any device and webshop

pattern creation

Pattern Creation

Unique sewing patterns are automatically created and sent to production within seconds

product integration

Production Integration

Our technology easily integrates with established production processes, enabling custom-sized clothing at scale

Tailoring used to be impossible at scale

The process of producing individual clothing used to require manual labor and specialized skills. ZYSE.me™ automates this process for personalized clothing, making made to measure as easy to sell and produce as a standard size.

Tailoring vs.

  1. Take measurements Take measurements
  2. Create size Create size
  3. Type into order system Type into order system
  4. Create pattern Create pattern
  5. Production Production


  1. Customer input Customer input
  2. Automated size creation and design adjustment Automated size creation and design adjustment
  3. Production Production
  1. Fewer Returns

    Prevent the number one reason for returns: wrong sizing

    Fewer Returns
  2. Lower Stock-Outs

    Our clothes are produced on demand, meaning you will never face stock-outs

    Lower Stock-Outs
  3. Less Discounts

    Using ZYSE.me will allow you to avoid high stock levels, forced discounting and write-offs

    Less Discounts
  4. Branding

    Become one of the first brands to offer truly personalized clothing to your customers

  1. Cost Reduction

    Lower the cost of custom-size production by automating pattern adjustments

    Cost Reduction
  2. Differentiation

    Distance yourself from competitors by offering custom-size production

  3. New Clients

    Attract new clients from our network of brands and retailers

    New Clients
  4. Reduce Seasonality

    Benefit from a more stable and continuous flow of orders

    Reduce Seasonality

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