The true size with the support of IBB

Every person is unique and it's clothing should be too. However, the clothing industry works with standard sizes–made for many, but fitting few. solves this problem as the team is developing a solution for individual clothes sizing using an algorithm-based technology.

The Förderprogramm Pro FIT from the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) supports with €825,000, in subsidy and loan, for development of the innovative ZYSE-me technology. The prestigious Pro FIT program is supported by the European Union Regional Development Fund. The program aims to reinforce the intensity of research, development and innovation in Berlin's economy.

The funding from IBB is to develop the algorithm using machine learning and to integrate individual 'zyse's into existing production infrastructure. As a result, the technology will allow customers to order individual sized clothing while brands produce them on existing demand. The solution aspire to reduce the waste along the clothing value chain with a positive impact on consumers, brands, and the environment.

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