How it works?

From customer input to finished products in minutes

  1. Data Input

    Data Input lets shoppers customize products before filling out a quick questionnaire about themselves on a webshop or a screen in-store

  2. AI Engine

    AI Engine Our machine learning algorithms use the consumer inputs to accurately calculate their unique body measurements. This creates a personal ZYSE, which they can re-use and update for future purchases

  3. Pattern Automation

    Pattern Automation When a consumer places an order, the platform automatically creates sewing patterns based on their unique size and preferences

  4. Production

    Production After a simple integration process, our technology interacts directly with existing machinery. With, factories gain the capacity to produce custom-sized clothing on demand with unprecedented efficiency


The dynamic customizer lets shoppers personalize their clothing. Customers can tweak products to match exactly what they are looking for, choosing their preferred fabric, color, and design. We have found the perfect balance between choice and simplicity.

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AI Engine

Our quick and interactive tool helps us determine the ideal personal size with the help of AI. Consumers answer easy questions about their body, habits and clothing preferences, so they never have to settle for a standard size again. The tool is available as an online plug-in for any webshop or in-store screen.

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Pattern Automation

When shoppers place orders, personal ZYSEs are automatically transformed into individualized sewing patterns. To match factory requirements, we ensure patterns can be sent straight to production machinery without the need for any adjustments.

Production Integration

Our technology easily integrates with established production processes, enabling custom-sized clothing at scale.

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